I am a programmer and web developer, I have worked in different areas; from advertising agencies, software factories, streaming and development platforms to medium-sized companies.

On this website you can see some of the most relevant projects that I have developed during these seven years of experience, you can also see a compilation of my skills and the necessary information to contact me.

Front - end

The three web technologies have been a fundamental part of my professional performance, currently I am certified in the three main ones: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. With them I develop the views of the entire system.

I also have high skills in frameworks like bootstrap and style processors like Sass.

Back - end

I have focused my developments on providing cross-platform and cloud solutions; For this I have focused on three technologies in particular: Laravel, Node JS and React. The latter has allowed me to develop from progressive applications for the web, to mobile applications in their native version.


Creating interactive environments to communicate, sell or manage from the web has been one of my last explorations; I have had the opportunity to develop projects and experiences of virtual reality and augmented reality focused on the web, such as museums, art galleries, and e-commerce of products and real estate.

Segurity Manager

Within the QA process I have had to test my own developments for it I use Burp Suite, Beff, and Wireshark all this using Kali.

Gestores de contenido

I have enough experience to provide quick self-managed solutions within the main content managers: WordPress (Woocomerce), Drupal, Joomla and Sitefinity.


Here are some of my developments over the last few months, from booking web platforms to virtual realities

Restaurant reservation system

Official website for informative restaurants with reservation system, developed for Brimstone restaurant located in Miami

Official website

Website for a law firm located in New York, has a contact system

Real estate platform

Real estate site with property application and informational website, for Nikki Pulitzer agency located in Crested Butte, Colorado

Pizzeria website

In this portal the client can contact the restaurant, in addition to having information about its menu

Platform for a beauty and health center

Platform for a beauty and health center; show products and services of the same

Meat ecommerce platform

Platform for trade and distribution of meat, shipping schedule, payment methods and users.

Web restaurante

Website for e-commerce of grill elements

Virtual reality focused on the web

Curated for a video art festival, using immersive technologies for the virtual reality web

Website store

Virtual clothing store

Web restaurante

Portal web restaurante ubicado en miami, cuenta con tres cedes y sistema de reservas.

Virtual museum

Virtual museum


Here are some of my developments over the last few months, from booking web platforms to virtual realities

Professional qualities

Everything under the schedules and times defined in minute 0 of the project.

The status of your investment verifiable, know and measure your liabilities and digital assets

Interfaces adapted to the niche of your users and technological need

Aplicaciones y tecnologías reactivas accesibles desde la web